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Belgium's Blanche: "We are finally in the zone"

30 April 2017 at 15:40 CEST
Belgium rehearsals Andres Putting
Blanche, who will represent Belgium in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song City Lights, took to the stage in Kyiv for the first time this afternoon.

Blanche, 17, was discovered after she participated in The Voice of Belgium last year. She was approached by songwriter Pierre Dumoulin who worked with Blanche on City Lights, her song for 2017.

Ahead of her first rehearsal Blanche reflected on what she had seen of Kyiv so far. “It’s my first time here. It is like nothing I have seen before. After the rehearsal we will maybe go to visit Odesa if we have time."  

Blanche participated in several pre-parties ahead of Kyiv. "I am looking forward to seeing all the participants again, I saw a lot of them before but in the pre-parties it was not the real staging. I want to see how their songs will look and of course see their costumes."

As for Blanche’s own performance, like Tamara from Georgia, she is keeping quiet about what viewers can expect. "I don’t have anything to share at the minute, you will see in one week, you just have to be patient," she said with a giggle.  

In addition to French and English, Blanche also speaks Hebrew; "My mum taught me but I went to a Jewish school". The young singer also received advice from Loïc Nottet who finished fourth for Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. "He told me that I need to be focused and "in" my song, in the zone".