Belgian copycat wants to be seen on camera

The Belgian Copycat was rehearsed for the last time in the arena without a large live audience on Thursday at noon. On the LED screens, both above the singer and in the floor, the cartoon copycat itself, as previously seen in the official preview video, is displayed somewhere almost constantly. But the cameras don't capture the cat. This was the main concern in the rehearsal in the Belgian delegation. More noticeable for the attendants in the arena, the voice of Patrick Ouchène was very hoarse due to a cold. On Wednesday, the singer thought that he had a fever, but the Belgian delegation reports of a  good night's sleep for Patrick, and there are currently in the team no worries about his voice for the big night. At the press conference, Patrick Ouchène showed how he makes his haircut. The main ingredient transpired to be plenty of grease.

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