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Belarus: Transit through time

12 May 2015 at 14:43 CEST
Uzari&Maimuna's song Time has a universal topic - time that we can only change in our imagination. The Belarusian representatives believe that spent time in the Eurovision Song Contest will definitely change their future.

Universal symbols in the performance

Uzari&Maimuna play with the universal terms in the Belarusian performance: thunder, light, and time. They have already revealed what they will wear on stage during the First Semi-Final - costumes in classic and universal colours, black and white.

With their entry, Uzari&Maimuna tells a magic story, where the main heroes are able to change time. With his voice, Uzari can change the future. Playing violin, Maimuna is able to influence the past. But all this magic works only if the heroes stay together. Staying separately on stage, the artists express that all their life they try to find each other - in the darkness, through the wind and light.

"Time is like thunder", sings Uzari while the flashes of lightning are shown on the LEDs. And like thunder, it is impossible to stop time. In the Belarusian entry, sky, stars and the universe are used as transient symbols of time. In the first part of the song, the mail red colours dominate the stage changing into blue in the second one.

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Very excited to discover the stage

Uzari&Maimuna and their backing vocalists were practicing their voices backstage: "We can hardly wait for the moment when we enter the stage and experience it live for the first time." The singers are very excited and looking forward to the First Semi-Final - the next step of their success.

Uzari explained why he is wearing a very special earring. "I am a true rock-pop singer. This is a symbol of it, and belongs to me."

Happy belated Birthday, Uzari!

Some days ago, the Belarusian singer celebrated his Birthday. One of the nicest presents he got was a pendant with the title: "Time is on your side".

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