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Belarus rocks the arena

Posted 3 May 2009 at 9:44

There was a rock feel to the staging of the Belarusian entry, with green and white flash lighting throughout the performance. Petr was dressed in a white jacket with a black t-shirt and black leather trousers. He is accompanied on stage by a guitarist and a person standing on a set of steps, completely covered in a very lengthy white sheet, which blazes a long trail when the wind machines are started. The guitarist was sporting a Petr Elfimov T- shirt.
Prior to the Press Conference, the Belarusian delegation generously treated the assembled press to specially produced Petr Elfimov ice creams and curd cakes as they awaited Petr's entrance. When asked about the stage show, Petr and his stage director commented "The prinicpal is there would be no dancing, it's more of a rock song so the show should reflect that. I hope that the dynamics of what we have invented will be different from all of the other shows from the other countries. We want to show the huge stage very differently."
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Petr stated that his Opera background helps him very much with preparing for his live vocal performances. And to relax after a show he admits to enjoying a whisky and juice to help him wind down!. Petr also confessed that what we have seen him wearing today will be what he will be wearing on stage, that being his special favourite leather suit, as it brings him luck.
The conference was rounded up by Petr singing a Belarusian language song from his previous album, and a song from the late Tose Proeski.
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Petr Elfimov's stage debut took place when he was six. In 2004 he won the Grand Prix at the International Popular Song Contest Vitebsk 2004 within the framework of the International Arts Festival Vitebsk Slavic Bazaar. One year later, he graduated from the Belarus State Music Academy, where he majored in Academic Singing. Since 2007, Petr has been teaching Popular Singing at the Modern Knowledge Institute. Currently he is doing a master course at the Belarus State Music Academy, and is hoping to get his master degree this June. To date, he has released two solo albums: I Want (2005) and The Bells (2007). Right now, Petr is also working on his new album, Glance Of Love.
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