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Belarus: Queen and Webber fan going on stage

27 March 2009 at 22:56 CET

The five finalists in the Belorussian national selection were chosen in a semi-final which was held on the 15th of December, last year. The winner was be chosen via a televote. In the end it was Petr who won with his smashing song. 

He was born into a family of musicians. Petr’s father is a professional musician, a bass in a church choir. His mother is a conductor of a superb choir which won numerous first prizes at international contests. In 2007 she was ruled the best conductor out of 50 participants at an international festival in Poland!

When he was eleven, Petr heard the famous British band Queen for the first time, and forever fell in love with rock music. He was overwhelmed by the unlikely harmony between the harsh instrumental sound and the incredible vocal polyphony. His admiration with the vocal capabilities of Ian Gillan inspired a spiritual journey into the creative heritage of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Even today Petr cherishes the hope to perform the part of Jesus in the famous rock opera Jesus Christ Super Star

What do you think about his chances of doing that, considering the video below and that he might have a chance meeting Webber in Moscow as he's one of the writers of the UK song It's My Time?


Belarus will be performing fourth in the first Semi-Final of Europe's favourite TV-show on 12th of May in Moscow. You can read more about Petr here.

What do you think - will he qualify and if then how will he do in the Final?