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Belarus: Koldun worked his magic in 2007

01 October 2012 at 23:09 CEST

Belarus first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, in 2004. Since then they have returned every year since their debut.

Belarus's record to date

  • First participation -  2004 - Aleksandra & Kopnstantin - My Galileo
  • Best result - 6th place in Final  - Dmitry Koldun - Work Your Magic
  • Semi-Final record - 2/9 attempts successful - 22% qualification record
  • Highest score in the Final - 145 (2007) - Dmitry Koldun- Work Your Magic

You can read all about the previous entries and artists from Belarus in our country profile section of the website right here.

Dmitry Koldun has been by far the most successful entrant that Belarus has sent to Europe's Favourite TV Show, his dynamic number Work Your Magic was a roaring success in Helsinki in 2007, resulting in a best ever 6th place finish in the Final. You can see a clip of the video below.

Belarus Facts & Figures

  • Although Belarus haven't enjoyed major success in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2004, they have a superb record in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, having tasted victory twice, in 2005 and 2007
  • It was considered a major shock when Belarus, one of the pre contest favourites did not qualify for the Final in 2005 when Angelica Agurbash finished in 13th place in the Semi-Final
  • Over the participating years, Belarus has awarded most of it's maximum points in the Grand Final by far to the entries from Russia
  • Although only in the Final twice themselves, Belarus has been supported most by Georgia, receiving 12 points in 2010 and 8 points in 2007

You can watch the other entry below which qualified Belarus to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, 3+2 with Butterflies.