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Belarus introduces its finalists

08 January 2014 at 17:04 CET

14 musicians of different music styles will compete in the Belarusian national selection that will take place on January 10th, starting at 20:00 CET. On the site of BTRC you can listen to the entries that will fight for the ticket to Copenhagen. Today, BTRC, the Belarusian broadcaster, announced what number the contestants will appear on stage.

Here is the running oder of performances in the national selection:

  1. Natalia Tamelo - Not What I've Been Looking For
  2. Nuteki - Fly Away
  3. Artem Mikhalenko - Rapsodia No.1
  4. Matvei Cooper and band DUX - Strippers
  5. TEO - Cheesecake
  6. Daria - Starlight
  7. Elena Siniavskaya - Via Lattea
  8. Alina Moshchenko - Angel Crying
  9. Janette - You Will Be Here
  10. Anastasia Milashevskaya - Runaway
  11. Switter Boys feat. Kate&Volga Karol - Vechnaya Lubov (Love Forever)
  12. Band Napoli - Stay With Me
  13. Max Lorens & Didyulya - Now You're Gone
  14. Tasha Odi - Empty Universe

About the finalists

Furthermore, the Belarusian broadcaster BTRC published stories about the finalists, with interviews and biographical notes. Thus, the Eurovision fans have the possibility to get to know every singer closer. Alina Moshchenko, for instance, is the youngest participant in the Belarusian national final this year. She was born to a musicians' family. Alina's first biggest success was participating in the 2008 Junior Song Contest as the part of the Belarusian trio Dasha, Alina and Karyna. Alina wrote her Eurovision entry Angel Crying together with her father.

Natalia Tamelo's entry  Not What I've Been Looking For is her personal story: the strong woman who "doesn't need any presents from men." Natalia want her performance to be a real musical, like in the movie The Great Gatsby. 

The only rock band in the Belarusian national final is the band Nuteki. The lyrics and music of Fly Away have been written by the band members.

Artem Mikhalenko already has some Eurovision experience: in 2010 he participated in the national selection as a group member. This year, the singer wrote his own composition Rapsodia No.1 in which The Four Season by Vivaldi are combined with some dub-step elements.

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The entry of Matvei Cooper and band DUX is about those who undress for money. The contestants promise a very open and thrilling show.

TEO’s real name is Juri Vashchuk. The lyrics of his entry Cheesecake has been written by Juri himself. The contestant told about the meaning of his song: "It’s not about the dessert at all". Cheesecake is Juri’s nickname that his ex-girlfriend gave to him. Although the singer is bored of this nickname, he says: "This song suits my mood and I feel absolutely comfortable performing this entry".

It's Daria's second try to win the national final. The singer started her career as a pianist but then switched to singing. Details about her entry, Daria keeps a secret but promises a completely different and new image.

Elena Siniavskaya is a soloist and an opera singer of the Big Theatre of Belarus. In the national final, Elena will sing the so called crossover – a mix of classical and pop music. The singer relies only on her vocal abilities in the show.

It's Janette's fourth try in the national final. This time, her composition You Will Be Here has been written by Swedish composers Julva and Linda Person. The artist is preparing a very special dress decorated with braid for the show on January 10th.

In the national final, Anastasia Milashevskaya will be surrounded by the artistic gymnasts playing the reviving statues. At the moment, the finalist studies at Academy of Music and works as a solist in some nightclubs.

In Belarus, the band Switter Boys is famous of their social music clips. Two models, Kate and Volga who won the international beauty twin contest, will support the band on stage. Jennifer Lopez is a huge idol for Switter Boys. Almost all their songs are dedicated to the American singer.

The trio Napoli consists of male vocalist and two female models. For the national final, the entrants prepared costumes which overshadow their singing.

Now You're Gone is a joint composition by Max Lorens & Didyulya. Max Lorens is the winner of the International Festival of Arts Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk. Didyulya is mainly famous as the virtuoso on the guitar. The contestants want all deaf people understand the meaning of their song. That's why the dance on stage will be accompanied by a sign language.

Natalia Odintsova who will compete under the name Tasha Odi in the national final, will come to Minsk from Moscow where she has her own business. The singer  doesn't want to reveal details about her performance. She will sing a powerful ballad Empty Universe.

You can find out more about the Belarusian finalists on the BTRC site. Watch with us the Belarusian national final which will be broadcast live on our WebTV player, on January the 10th.