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Belarus: "I just wanna be Teo!"

30 April 2014 at 14:55 CEST

Rhythmic sounds for Belarus

Teo entered the stage at the B&W Hallerne in a black costume. His male backing vocalists, who are Teo's dancers at the same time, wore leisure clothes. The artists danced in the same rhythm creating a harmonic atmosphere on stage.

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In the beginning of the show, the stage was lit in red and yellow changing to the blue colour gradually. Teo’s song sounded uplifting in the arena. The singer ended his entry with a "vocal" kiss.

Meeting Teo backstage

Teo told about his backing vocalists and dancers: "They are all my friends. It was very important for me to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere on stage and it’s much more easier if you already know people." Teo promised very elegant costumes for his show in the Second Semi-Final, but "today we’ll wear another clothes."

“I already met some of this year’s participants in Amsterdam and was very happy to find out that Azerbaijani and some other delegations are staying in our hotel during these two weeks."

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Teo didn’t bring any cheesecakes with him: “The song is actually not about the cake as a dessert. You know, there a lot of nicknames for boyfriends in our language like cheesecake, sweetie or sugar. I didn’t like it and just wanted to be Teo", the singer explained.

Teo recorded video snack for his fans. Check it out!