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Belarus heading for national semi-final

15 December 2008 at 18:15 CET

In order to select 15 participants of Eurofest 2009 among 100 contenders, live auditions were held for several days. Among all the participants the jury selected 15 performers. The chosen entries are;

  1. Alex Patlis Band - Who Said It? (written by Alex Patlis)
  2. SingeRin - Don't Think About It (K. Dudich)
  3. Uncle Vanya - Our Belarussia (I. Vabishchevich)
  4. Petr Yelfimov - Eye, That Never Lie (P. Yelfimov, V. Prokhozhy)
  5. Venera - Big Game (A. Nabeyev)
  6. Litesound - Miracle (V. Karyakin)
  7. Anna Blagova and Yury Vashchuk - Behind (Y. Vashchuk, A. Zhilina)
  8. Gunesh - Fantastic Girl (Gunesh, M. Khaitbayeva)
  9. Victoria Belova - Don't Give Up From Love (A. Klimka, V. Belova)
  10. Cola and Lidya Zabolotskaya - Honk (B. Gridin, V. Shevchenko)
  11. Dominica - My Day (S. Sukhomlin, A. Kostugov)
  12. Wind In The Head - And-Or-And (A. Zakharik, G. Galushko)
  13. Alexei Krechet - Joy And Freedom (V. Ruzov, A. Shenets)
  14. The Champions - Shake It Europe (Nils, O. Orakposim)
  15. Dakota - Forgetting You (Dakota, G. Lobodenko)

Tonight's live gala concert will be broadcast by the First Channel of BTRC. After the contest, a professional jury will select five finalists. If necessary, the finalist may choose another composition for the national final.

The Belarusian final will take place in January 2009. The winner of that competition will be selected by televoters.