113 acts auditioned to become Belarus' contestant in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.
113 acts auditioned to become Belarus' contestant in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Photo: BTRC

Belarus unveils ten hopefuls for Tel Aviv, jury to make the final call

After 113 acts auditioned in front of a professional jury, Belarusian broadcaster BTRC announced the ten acts that are still in the running to become the country's entry for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Earlier today, BTRC presented the running order in which the ten acts will perform during a televised national selection, the date of which is yet to be announced.

Click on the links to check out the songs.

1. Michael Soul - Humanize

2. Eva Kogan - Run

3. ZENA - Like It

4. Alena Gorbacheva - Can We Dream

5. KeySi - No Love Lost

6. Immanuel Imagbe - Champion

7. Sebastian Roos - Never Getting Close

8. NAPOLI - Let It Go

9. Aura - Charavala

10. PROvokatsiya - Running Away From The Sun

Notable contestants on the list are ZENA, who co-hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Belarus last year, the group NAPOLI, which took part in Belarus' national selection ever since 2014, and Swedish singer Sebastiaan Roos. To the surprise of many Eurovision fans, UK 2006 Eurovision Song Contest representative Daz Sampson tried to get into the Belarusian national selection this year, but didn't make the cut.

Belarus will take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on the 14th of May.

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