Belarus: 3+2 to perform Butterflies in Oslo

3+2 were supposed to sing Far Away in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, but just before the deadline to enter songs a decision was taken that the group would perform Butterflies now instead in the competition.

Butterflies has been composed by famous Russian producer Maxim Fadeev with lyrics by Malka Chaplin.

Maxim Fadeev is a big name in the Russian music business and was successful as a television producer of the second season of Channel One talent's show Star Factory. Star Factory 2 eventually rose to prominence among many popular Russian singers, such as Yulia Savicheva, Elena Temnikova, Irakliy Pirzhalava, Pier Narciss, Elena Terleeva and others. Yulia Savicheva eventually competed for Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, reaching the 11th place. Soon after Star Factory 2, Fadeev started managing singer Glukoza, who became a music star. Fadeev developed his own recording company, Monolit Records, in 2003. Located in Moscow, it has soon become one of the most influential recording companies in Russia, but also in the states of the former USSR. In 2005, Fadeev once again returned as a co-producer of Star Factory 5. He, however, later focused on his new project, the girl group Serebro. The band won the third place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, won numerous awards and became one of the most popular Russian bands.

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