Behind the scenes: The jobs and responsibilites of a Head of Delegation

39 countries are represented in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, and in each of them, one person is responsible for coordinating all tasks and efforts within the public broadcaster that is participating: the Head of Delegation. Usually starting from organising the national selection procedure until the night of the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, he or she is pulling the strings, making sure that all material is gathered by the respective deadline, and building a bridge between the artists and their management, the host broadcaster and the European Broadcasting Union. asked Diana Mnatsakanyan, the Head of the Armenian delegation, to tell us more about her tasks in Oslo and her year-round activities connected to the Eurovision Song Contest. She went backstage with our video team to let us sneak into the heart of the Eurovision Song Contest, like the dressing rooms, the Showdesk and the Viewing Room. Furthermore, she tells us about the headache involved in getting props to work after transporting them all around Europe and the preparations that have to be done before the artists can go on stage. Watch our video report below!


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