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Behind the scenes: The filming of the Latvian video clip

12 May 2016 at 11:05 CEST
Justs represents Latvia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Heartbeat, a song written by last year's representative Aminata. Tonight he competes in the Second Semi-Final. Have you ever wondered how his official video was made? Now we can offer you behind the scenes footage and quotes from the director of the video. Check it out!

The music video for Justs' Eurovision Song Contest entry, Heartbeat, was shot in two days in the studio. Two set designs were built for it: a concrete room with cameras and a second location with old TV sets. The location with the Pontiac car was outdoor at an old factory.

Watch the behind the scenes footage below!

"We wanted to tell you about the fact that love does not only occur at the first glance, but also with the first smell", explains Andzej Gavriss, director of the music video. "This is how love can intoxicate our minds and make a choice for us. It can be said that this is the story of a woman's perfume."

Justs, who represents Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, says that in the video three actresses played the main role at once! So if you can take a close look you can somewhere notice three different girls.

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"In this music video we delivered the message of the song about the complicated relationships and that our personalities has different facets of both the good and bad that and this is shown in the video", Andzej Gavriss explains.

Can't get enough of Justs and his Heartbeat? Here we have another special treat for you: Watch the video where Justs sings his Eurovision Song Contest entry in a traffic jam in the Latvian capital of Riga!