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Check out behind-the-scenes at the Eurovision parties! 🎉

23 April 2022 at 13:00 CEST
Sheldon sharing photos of his doggo
Between the end of National Final season and packing our bags for Turin, the team visited 4 of the biggest Eurovision fan parties: the enormous Israel Calling, the iconic London Eurovision Party, Amsterdam's Eurovision in Concert, and a brand new event in Barcelona.

First up, the new kid of the block, Barcelona! Brooke told us all about her passport dramas, Ronela and Vladana shared there thoughts about doggos, while Citi Zēni ran through a list of suggestions to get around the censors.

We also caught up with the iconic Monika, wonderful WRS, fabulous Chanel and a very hungover We Are Domi, thanks to our friends at the Barcelona Party.

📺 Watch: Barcelona Party 2022

We then nipped over to Israel to enjoy Israel Calling, one of the BIGGEST pre-parties on the circuit! Kalush Orchestra, Konstrakta, Circus Mircus, Andrea, Zdob și Zdub, Stefan and Rosa Linn all shared with us what they were expecting to pack for Turin.

Many thanks to our hosts at Israel Calling.

📺 Watch: Israel Calling 2022

Then, in London, Pia Maria told us all about her unfortunate mice, Sheldon met a Shero, and Sam Ryder listed his Top 5 Sams! We were also graced with the brilliance of Lum!x, Intelligent Music Project, Emma Muscat, Alvan and Ahev, Cornelia Jakobs, Ochman and Jérémie Makiese.

Huge thanks to our pals at London Eurovision Party.

📺 Watch: London Eurovision Party 2022

And finally, our intrepid Official Podcast host, Steve Holden, got to interview many of the participants at the legendary Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam. You can listen to those interviews here.

So, a quick reminder, we’re nearly ready for the main event… iron those flags, learn the lyrics, and plan your outfit… the month of May is just around the corner.

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