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Behind the scenes: Filming the postcards

As is now customary, the Host Broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest produces short films which are shown between each national entry, known as postcards. The postcards in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest follow a unique concept that links the artists to their country and what they think are the best places that their respective hometowns have to offer. We followed the production team when they visited Amsterdam last week to film the postcard with Dutch representative, Douwe Bob.

A total of seven crews are currently touring Europe and beyond to make sure that all postcards are ready before the live shows are broadcast in May. The crew that were filming in Amsterdam are also shooting postcards for three other countries; Greece and Sweden. Other crews currently on location film up to eight postcards. The team consisted of Terese Andén (Director), Iga Mikler (Director of Photography) and Gonzalo Malmertoft (Technical Assistant). 

How does it work?

The production team begin setting up first thing in the morning and the entire process takes more than a day. The crew filmed these particular postcards with a Sony FS 7 camera and a Ronin camera rig which helps to create steady portrait shots. The lenses used are a Canon zoom lens 16-35 mm as well as a 50 mm lens, to provide depth to the images. The crew film an action sequence and so called ‘portrait’ shots at several different locations, chosen by the artist themselves. 

Gallery: Behind the scenes of the Dutch postcard shoot


The locations chosen by Douwe Bob were personal and include the neighbourhood where he still lives. The first scenes were filmed in Sarphatipark, a park close to Douwe's house in Amsterdam and where he usually works out. Douwe likes to go horse riding and so this was also incorporated into the schedule where a Frisian horse was brought to the forest of Amsterdam (Amsterdamse Bos). Finally the crew went to film inside Douwe’s home, where he has built his own bar and regularly performs. Douwe plans to set up a bar in Stockholm so look out for that!

Final edits   

After the shoot, the team have to log and save all the material before heading back to the hotel, ready to do it all over again, somewhere in Europe!