Beautiful Baltic ballad!

Approximately half of today's rehearsals have finished, and next up is Jeronimas Milius from Lithuania. Jeronimas' vocal performance was as usual steady, and in his performance he is able to bring forward the true meaning of Nomads In The Night. Jeronimas performs alone on the stage which is shrouded in dark blue colours and smoke. Moreover a bright-shining moon on the huge LED screen is enhancing the ambience of the song. Whereas many of Jeronima's competitors have several back-ups and dancers, he has to carry the burden himself - and indeed he delivers! Jeronima already seems ready for the second Semi-Final which will take place on 22th of May.

From early childhood before going to sleep, Jeronimas Milius was listening to blues and singing in the pupils choir of Vilnius, Gabija Gymnasium. From 2003 to date Jeronimas sings in a heavy  power metal band called Soul Stealer. Now he is representing Lithuania in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, and he won the Lithuanian preselection show by an extremely small margin to the runner-up; just 432 votes separated the two. The Lithuanian selection process, Eurovizija 2008, was made up by three qualifying heats and one final.

At the press conference after the rehearsal, Jeronimas seemed satisfied with todays rehearsal. Moreover he talked about what kind of music has inspired him. He emphasized that he always have listened to rock music from early childhood. An example of this is Metallica. Jeronima and the Lithuanian delegation expressed their content with being in Belgrade, and they were looking forward to exploring more of the city.

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