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BBC asked fans for advice

06 October 2008 at 17:20 CEST

At the event, organised by the British branch of the Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision (OGAE) and held on Saturday, the researcher of the British broadcaster questioned the fans about the selection process. They also promised that all suggestions will be considered carefully while developing next year's UK selection show, wrote

There have been rumours in the media that the BBC will be using a similar format to How do you solve a problem like Maria? which was used to select leading stars in West End shows. In this process Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber would participate, the media reported. These stories were not confirmed by the researcher and the stories related to the famous composer were said to be pure speculation of the press. Also, the researcher told the fans that no decision about Sir Terry Wogan has yet been made. 

The last time the UK was in the top 10 of the Eurovision Song Contest was in 2002 with Jessica Garlick's Come back and has not been doing very well the past years, finishing last in Belgrade this May.