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Basim faces the home crowd

06 May 2014 at 14:34 CEST
Basim represented host country Denmark in 2014 EBU

Basim and his backing dancers (four men and one girl) were dressed in the same outfits they had in their first rehearsal on Sunday. They were looking quite relaxed backstage, watching the television screens that were showing the French rehearsals taking place.

Face the music

Before the cameras started to run, Basim and his backing vocalists took the opportunity to have a short vocal warm up on stage, and in between takes they continued to practice their vocals, and the dancers were also practicing their moves. They have however got their choreography spot on with their moves around the stage, and work well with the camera that move in and around them.  Three of the dancers are also providing backing vocals for Basim.  The song noticeably increases the volume of the beat in the second half of the song, which is sure to get the audience going.

Visually, the only small difference to note was that Basim didn't have his bow tie tied up, but was hanging fashionably loose around his collar.

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The infectious chorus of the song saw a number of people, who were either watching, or working in the arena instinctively sing along, and in some cases even dance along to the song,

The lighting reflects a warm, golden look, motown feel throughout, and on the final run through a huge banner unfurled from the rafters, displaying Basim's face and the word 'Love' within a heart shape, before the banner itself falls down to the floor at the song's conclusion.

"They tell me it's a good number"

As the hosts, Demark have already been drawn in position 23 in the Grand Final, and Basim was asked how he felt about this position in the running order? "They tell me it is a good number", but he also remarked "if it's a good song the number doesn't matter."

What motivated him to participate in the song contest? "The people" was Basim's instant response, before adding "to give people a great show, make them happy, that's the drive."

As he is defending the title for Denmark, had last year's winner Emmelie de Forest given him any advice? "Not really. She is a nice girl and thinks my song is really good and likes it...of course being Danish!"

Basim is no stranger to competitions on television, having been in The X Factor in 2008, since then  "it was like being at school for six years and now I'm on the big stage" said Basim "I've done about 500 concerts since I was 15."

"No breaks until I am really, really old"

He has no plans to take any breaks after the Eurovision Song Contest, "not until I am really, really old. I'm having fun, enjoying life and making people smile."

As to what will happen to that huge banner after the show? "I have a big table at home" he jokingly replied. I love the love sign, it is international, warm and welcoming. In the national final we had the national flag, but we couldn't use that on stage this time."

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