Balls-a-bouncing for Denmark

Rehearsal - White lights and a big ball

The Danish rehearsal starts off looking like any rehearsal for a band. The stage-hands wheel a drum kit and amplifiers onto the stage and the guitarists walk on with their instruments. 

However, looking carefully you could see that there was something a little different here, albeit subtle. 

The individual sound checks began with the lead singer, Tim Schou, who decided he would come out with an operatic piece that was so loud it made quite a few people near the stage jump. He and the others then reverted to singing exerts from their song, New Tomorrow.

The group are wearing dark colours with the lead singer, Tim, wearing a top with an open back, showing off his skin to the world. The clothes can be described as stylish. The guys all have quite alternative hairstyles, which do help them to stand out somewhat. 

Vocally, the band are incredibly confident, although they suffered a few microphone issues during the first performance of the song. These were however fixed very quickly and the skills were once again shown off during subsequent run-throughs. 

The stage-show begins with bright spot lights and a very abstract white and black montage on the LED screen in the background. As the performance picks up pace, these become very mobile and red slights flash from behind the LED screen. The base of the stage area shifts between white and orange colours during the performance. 

At one point a mishap was avoided when one of the camera men tripped on a microphone stand that had been knocked over. Luckily his steady-cam remained "steady" so to speak. But that's show business for you!

During the bridge, the lead singer kicks a large white ball from the stage... an interest effect! 

The performance ends in typical band fashion with some flashing nights and a powerful ending, to the joy of the press and fans watching in the hall. 

Some pictures of the Danish rehearsal: 

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A video impression of the Danish rehearsal: 

Press Conference

A Friend In London entered the room to rapturous applause and were asked to introduce themselves. 

The guys were asked about their hair to which the lead singer, Tim replied that his hair was the most stylish... The others didn't seem to impressed by that!

They seem to be quite impressed by the size of the arena and have performed in something as big in Denmark when they performed in the interval act of X-Factor. 

A Friend In London's named was the result of a brain storm after Tim was in London playing some gigs and visiting a friend called Damian. As a result of this they chose "A Friend In London" as their name. "We were so so close to calling the band Damian but went for A Friend In London instead". 

band member Sebastien said "there is a very strong bond between us, which keeps getting stronger and we like being together all the time" when asked about how they have stayed together for so long. 

One fan asked about what songs they love in the Eurovision Song Contest and the answers included the Latvian song from 2000 and the Danish song from 1963 and a national final song from a Danish national final by Stig Rossen. 

Tim Schou also explained their fame in Canada, which started with a competition of 40,000 bands after which they reached the top 10. They however turned it down due to a big contracted needing to be signed. Instead they were asked to go to Canada and play some shows. 

To conclude the press conference, the band sang the chorus of their song, New Tomorrow. 

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Backstage - From the pool to the stage

The indie pop/rock band A Friend in London from Denmark arrived in the arena as the second to last delegation to rehearse on Wednesday. Tim Schou is the lead singer of the band.

"We just hope to get a good feel on the stage today, with the music in my ears and so on," he says right before the rehearsal.

The band arrived in Düsseldorf on Tuesday. And this far, they are enjoying the stay.

"This far we've almost only seen the hotel, and it's perfect. There's a pool and a sauna... great," Tim says, rejoicing.

"We've been touring lately in Denmark and a little bit in Canada, just to get to play and play and play. That's what we do," he says.

In the Danish national final, the band used gigantic inflated balls bouncing around in the arena. They will do the trick again in Düsseldorf, and Tim Schou reveals that they have upgraded it.

"We will use a lot more of them. Last time, we played in an arena with 6.000 people. This time, there will be like 35.000 people – so we're gonna use a lot more balls, if you know what I mean..."

See some pictures of A Friend In London from backstage:

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From Denmark to Canada to Düsseldorf - Who are A Friend In London?

A Friend In London was formed in 2005 when four guys met at a boarding school in Vostrup, Denmark.

From day one the hunt for powerful and catchy melodies was the main focus of the band. Through the past years the band has been touring Denmark with more than 100 shows refining the expression of their work.

The music combines the simplicity of boyband pop with the complexity of British influenced indie rock backed by powerful choir arrangements. In 2008 A Friend In London won the European final of the Bodog Million Dollar Battle of the Bands, with more than 40,000 bands from around the world participating. This event ignited a spark for the band in Canada. 

Alongside the expansive Canadian activity the preparations for the anticipated debut album have also been kicked off with an album release set in 2011.

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