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Baku: All songs officially presented to EBU

19 March 2012 at 13:39 CET

The morning started with all delegations presenting their songs officially to the European Broadcasting Union. After that important task, the Heads of Delegations gathered for an update on the upcoming contest.

But first, they had the chance to introduce their songs. Guess who introduced their song with the words 'we present a young singer just starting his career' with a twinkle in the eyes of their Head of Delegation? Also, who could have a 'young soul' among all the participants?

The delegation leaders got also an update on all the preparations for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest: the arena, the stage, the production, hotels and everything else that is essential for the success of the contest.

As for the stage, we can only tell you at the moment that it will be unlike all the stages in the past years and we promise you'll be positively surprised!

The meeting will continue tomorrow and also the Running Order Draw will be held on Tuesday. Join us at 11:00 CET and see it live on!

PS! The first quote was by the UK delegation and the second one by the Russian Head of Delegation.