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Bääbs, Linn Nygård and Sister Twister win Finnish online vote

Posted 16 October 2009 at 17:50

YLE had initially put 30 songs online on their website for the Finnish audience to listen to. An SMS-vote conducted over two weeks gave the highest number of votes to Bääbs, Linn Nygård and Sister Twister! They will join the following twelve artists that were already selected earlier by the Finnish broadcaster:
  • Amadeus
  • Boys Of The Band (BOB)
  • Eläkeläiset
  • Pentti Hietanen
  • Osmo Ikonen
  • Heli Kajo
  • Veeti Kallio
  • Antti Kleemola
  • Kuunkuiskaajat
  • Nina Lassander
  • Maria Lund
  • Monday
You can read more about these artists in our article about the Finnish qualifiers. Their songs will be revealed at a later stage.
The national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Finland will be held in January, with three heats on consecutive Fridays. In every show, five singers and songs will participate and three winners will qualify for the final. The tenth spot will be selected by a jury.
The Finnish representative for Europe's favourite TV-show in 2010 will be chosen on the 30th of January.
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