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Backstage: Rehearsals causing tension

05 May 2011 at 03:00 CEST

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Estonia's Getter Jaani is new to the big stages, but arriving to the arena on Wednesday made her calm. On the same day, young Jedward from Ireland felt that they were "totally ready for this", while the Latvian Musiqq, as many others, were eager to see the graphics of the LED screens – something that artists see for the first time on their first rehearsal.

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Bulgaria: Poli Genova – Na Inat
Poly Genova from Bulgaria was preparing backstage together with her band. She was in full focus on the rehearsal, staring at ten in the morning. As for many performing early in the morning, the early hour took its toll.

"It's very early," she commented. "We're fine."

FYR Macedonia: Vlatko Ilievski – Rusinka
"We haven't prepared much. I've just tried the song, I haven't sung it for two months now. I would just make some mistake if I sing it over and over again. When you do that, you're trying to find new things, and I don't think there's a need of new things in the song."

Israel: Dana International – Ding Dong
"In three years, I'm going to look like a grandmother, and I just told myself that I had to do this once again. This time just for myself, without the tension and all the bad things that has happened to me. Without giving a damn whether I'm number five, fifteen or twenty. Que sera, sera!"

Slovenia: Maja Keuc – No One
"We've been rehearsing all the time during the last weeks. I wear a massive dress which I really have got to get used to. It's very heavy with real metal in it."

Romania: Hotel FM – Change (lead singer David Bryan)
"We've got five months to prepare our performance since New Year's Eve, and our hope is that it will turn out very well. Each position is possible!"

Estonia: Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street
"I'm fine. It's funny that I'm not nervous. Perhaps it is because it's so professional here."

Belarus: Anastasiya Vinnikova – I Love Belarus
"I hope to get accustomed to the stage and feel the emotions today. The stage is magnificent, I was injected with energy when I saw it.

In the song, I'm singing about a young girl's love to her country, and this feeling makes her stronger and stronger every day. I think it's a very actual topic. Many singers have dedicated their songs to the places where they are born. The Beatles sing of Liverpool, Alicia Keyes sings of New York. I was born in Belarus, and I'm very fond and proud of my country. That's why I want to let everyone share my emotions and learn more of it."

Latvia: Musiqq – Angel in Disguise (rapper Marats Ogleznevs)
"We just feel great and excited. The stage looks beautiful. We have to check the balance of the music and the voices. This will also be the first time we get to see our LED screen for the performance, so it is the first time that we see how they look."

Denmark: A Friend in London – New Tomorrow (lead singer Tim Schou)
"We will use a lot more of our inflatable balls in the audience from the national final. Last time, we played in an arena with 6.000 people. This time, there will be like 35.000 people – so we're gonna use a lot more balls, if you know what I mean..."

Ireland: Jedward – Lipstick
"We're totally ready for this, we wanna make it amazing and bring it to the next level! We met Katy Perry, and she thought that it was a big deal to be in the Eurovision Song Contest. Everyone realise that. For us, as artists in UK and Ireland, it's a really big deal. It's a bigger platform than being in the MTV Music Awards.

We love, it's a place for spying on people and checking what everyone else are doing. We go in there and see what all the other countries are up to and say that we have to do the same thing. We've also realised that everyone's copying our haircut! But they can't get it right up like us – and we can go even higher than today, we got a haircut just three days ago! It's not just a hair, it's a statement – gravity's trying to push us down, but it can't, because our hair is standing. It's always flying free. Like angelic halos, like a flame!"