Backstage memories in Düsseldorf filed many backstage reports from the dressing rooms area during our coverage in Düsseldorf, so what makes the vibe so special behind the scenes?

Carnival atmosphere 

Each delegation, whether it be in preparation for the Semi-Final or Final of the Eurovision Song Contest has their own dressing room. They can choose to shut the door, or have an open door policy whereby other delegations can wander freely and meet and greet with each other. 

There are usually all kinds of high jinks going on in the dressing room area, especially on Semi-Final and Final nights. Quite often you will hear musical renditions, see the artists mixing with the artists from other countries in the communal area, which has it's own cafeteria and lounge, especially designed to aid the socialising. There is a feel good buzz, and an air of excitement and optimism amongst the delegates.

Azerbaijan's Nikki meets her idol

There is also a large screen where everyone can watch performances prior to their own, and a series of computers where delegates can check their emails, tweet or update their Facebook page.

In Düsseldorf, it was hard to miss the Irish dressing room, as Jedward had decorated it very loudly as you can see in our gallery below.  

Just minutes before the Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show started, Azerbaijan's Nikki got to meet one of her idols. Nikki lives in London, and has been a fan of the British X-Factor show for many years, with her favourite judge being Louis Walsh, who was in Düsseldorf as Jedward's manager. Louis and Nikki chatted together for a while, before they both went backstage to join their teams.

Check out our special gallery of dressing room images from the Second Semi-Final and Final

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