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Backstage memories from Baku

Posted 4 June 2012 at 16:09

What is backstage?

Backstage encompasses many areas. For example, all of the competing artists have their own dressing rooms, where they can hang out prior to going on the stage itself. In addition to this they all have to visit the make up rooms, in ear rooms and sound check area. Here is a compilation of some of our best images from backstage prior to the open rehearsals.
Every country gets two open rehearsals where they can try to perfect their performances. Directly after coming off stage, the delegations will go to the viewing room to look back on their rehearsal. The next run through time the artists are allocated is the dress rehearsal for the Semi-Final that they are participating in. Here are some images backstage prior to the First and Second Semi-Finals in Baku.
After the Second Semi-Final is completed, the full running order for the Final itself becomes known, as each country who qualifies for the Final draws their starting position in the respective winners press conference after each Semi-Final.
The dress rehearsals for the Final are the last opportunites for the artists to perfect their routines. You can see here some images from backstage before the Final itself.
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