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Backstage: Emotional artists after the broadcast

15 May 2009 at 13:01 CEST


AySel, lead vocalist, Azerbaijan
"I feel wonderful! It was so wonderful when our name came up. I thought my heart would stop one hundred times. I can't explain how good this feels, it is crazy! I was satisfied with everything we did on stage."

Brinck, Denmark
"I was dying when I sat in the greenroom. We've been lectured on this East vs. West issue, and I don't want to think about it – I really hate it, I don't wanna bother thinking about it. I saw that there were only three countries left, and the first countries that had been announced were Eastern. And Norway and Greece were still left. I'm so happy, I can't explain. I felt really great after the stage show – finally an audience to play for! That was a great feeling, it really took the load off my shoulders. I started to feel at home on the stage."

Urban Symphony, Estonia
"It's absolutely amazing. We were one of the last to be announced, it was amazing – we were so nervous! Our performance was the best we could give, but we will do even better in the Final."

Sasha Son, Lithuania
"I'm so overwhelmed! I can't describe what I feel at the moment. Everyone who said that I couldn't make it just have to take their words back. This once again proves that the show doesn't always win – sometimes the song, the lyrics and the talent prevails. That's what I believed in, and it just worked! I didn't know what to expect. We're gonna do our best for the Final, but right now I just try to absorb what has happened."

Alexander Rybak, Norway
"I was prepared to go through, but also to go home. It was a torture to sit in the greenroom. And they had the cameras ready for us every time, so it became a bit irritating when it was so long before they announced us!"

Svetlana Loboda, Ukraine
"I managed to overcome an illness that I've had in the past days. The night before the show was the first day that I slept well, cause I had a dreaming pill: the man that I love. I'm extremely happy, the adrenaline is rushing through my blood. The lights of one of my “hell machines” never got on, because they failed to plug it in. But I'm sure that this will work in the final."


Christina Metaxa, Cyprus
"I had the best time of my life on those three minutes, I was so fulfilled. Deep down, I though that we were going to pass. But it doesn't matter. Because I did the best I could, so I'm not sad now. I will stay for the Final and support Greece now."

Zoli Ádok, Hungary
"I'm tired after my performance. I'm very satisfied with what we did, we did what we dreamed of. The rest is not our choice. When I came off stage, I was still in a ecstasy, I felt really happy. In the greenroom, I felt calm, and our group was very happy. We were sure that we would make it to the final, but we didn't. We were disappointed. But I know how to move on. Next week, I have a premiere, and I will think of that now."

Sinéad Mulvey, lead vocals, Ireland
"It was really exciting to sit in the greenroom. No matter the outcome, we really enjoyed ourselves. We still rocked Russia. At least we can say that we did our best, and our country is proud of us."

Marko Kon, Serbia
"It's okay, this is what people decided. I was satisfied with the performance, and I don't think I could do any better. If this wasn't good enough, then what could I do? It was very nice to sit in the greenroom, people were really cheering for each other – love was in the air!"