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Azerbaijani and acoustic versions of Sabina Babayeva's song released

13 April 2012 at 15:37 CEST

Azerbaijan's entry When The Music Dies by Sabina Babayeva has received good reviews and now the song comes in two new versions. The acoustic and Azerbaijani versions of the song have just been released and we can bring you the videos below.

Azerbaijani Version

Something Sabina has wanted to do since she heard When The Music Dies for the first time was to record an Azerbaijani version of the song. She has now done this and it is entitled Gəl (Come Back). You can see the video below:

When the Music Dies had overwhelmed me. It’s like sadness, joy, faith, hope are united in

one deep but gentle song. And this hope never dies, it makes us live and believe. I’ve aimed to

bring every bit of it in Azerbaijani version. And I hope that I’ve done my best", says Teymur

Mamedov, the author of Azerbaijani lyrics.

“Sabina is amazing. She knows what she wants and nothing can stop her. There is an incredible

road before her", added Mamedov about his experience working with Sabina.

Acoustic Version

The acoustic version consists of two live guitars that "create an amazing atmosphere of intimacy and fragileness".

When talking about this version of her song, Sabina said, “It’s great in its simplicity, music speaks for itself and I love every sound of the unplugged version. It’s powerful and helps to uncover the main thing in our lives – the love".

See the acoustic version here:

Sabina has promised to release a jazz version of her song in a few weeks time so make sure you keep an eye out for that! You can also see the official preview version of When The Music Dies below:

Azerbaijan will perform in the final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, which is to be held on the 26th of May at the Baku Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan.