Azerbaijan to send a duet to Eurovision

The decision to create the duet of AySel and Arash was taken by the seven-member jury of the Azerbaijani national final. It was heavily influenced by Arash’s own statements, he said  he is not only a songwriter and composer, but also a successful singer, and that is why he would like “to be on the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest stage, and not just on its backstage.” This sincere acknowledgment of the author of Always gave the start to the duet from Azerbaijan. 

“This idea came to us already at the first audition of Arash’s song,” said Farhad Hajiyev, one of the jury members. “His song is about love, beautiful and pure, and love is always about two people! When in an interview Arash expressed his desire to perform for Azerbaijan, we arrived at a firm decision that our country will be represented by this romantic duet - AySel and Arash. Moreover, Arash has some Azerbaijani roots, as you may know!”

The popular songwriter and singer makes no secret that he has long been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest. In addition, one of the decisive factors for him was the offer to sing in duet with AySel.

“Performing with AySel was important for me, since I wrote Always specifically for her,” said Arash. 

Before announcing the duet, the Azerbaijani national jury made a somewhat unusual decision: to record Always, performed by AySel and Arash. It is the song, they believe, that is the most important factor for a good result, especially for the victory, at the contest. 

“I was a little nervous,” said AySel after the recording. “Not about meeting Arash, just about the outcome of the recording. My worries proved to be groundless! We spent 48 hours in the studio, almost entirely; we changed and tweaked the song endlessly. The result of all our work you will hear very soon! What concerns Arash, I am impressed by his professionalism as well as his open and friendly personality and charm.”

The work on the song continues. The presentation of Always by the duet of AySel and Arash is scheduled for as early as the end of February. The Azerbaijani representatives are currently negotiating with some of the best European directors. The intention is to create not just a contest act but a true three-minute Eurovision show under the same name – Always.

According to Adil Kerimli, Head of the Azerbaijani Delegation, the work on the show is expected to begin by the end of this month, and its presentation will take place in mid-March in one of the European capitals.

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