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Azerbaijan to present its entry in two weeks

05 March 2012 at 19:35 CET

A jury is selecting a song that the representative of Azerbaijan, Sabina Babayeva, will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in May. The song that is lucky enough to be selected will be presented in two weeks time.

Sabina Babayeva was selected as the representative of Azerbaijan at Euroviosion Song Contest 2012 from among five contestant at the National Final on the 12th of February.

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At this time we do not have further information about the selection but will update you as soon as it comes in. Suffice to say, Sabina has been working hard to prepare for the competition.

Azerbaijan as the host country will take part in the final of the 57th Eurovision Song Contest on the 26th of May at the Baku Crystal Hall.

Why not take a look at the below interview with Sabina where she talks about her participation and gives some cultural insight into Azerbaijan: