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Azerbaijan's Elnur: "I am very happy to be at Eurovision again"

14 May 2015 at 14:49 CEST
Elnur Huseynov - Hour Of The Wolf (Azerbaijan 2015)
Behind Elnur’s entry there are very experienced professionals from across Europe, award-winning dancers and backing vocalists. They all try to help the main singer create a hypnotising stage presentation. "Every heart deserves a fight, so we must fight for our happiness".

It is the Hour Of The Wolf!

The protagonist of the Azerbaijani story is a wolf, wild and lonely. And now it is his time and his hour to come out and to show his power through his strong voice. Male and female dancers tell this mystical story through their plastic contemporary movements that remind of the wolf movements. The choreography shows how somebody can be excluded from world just for being different. Julia, the famele dancer, plays the part of an outsider, while Lukas is struggling against her, until Elnur concludes "no more fighting, let’s be all together". Like grey wolves, the dancers wear the grey costumes, while Elnur is in a black costume. 

The backstage decorations and colours are well-thought-out, showing arid forest, full moon, mystic atmosphere and wild nature. With the sunrise in the end of Elnur’s entry, a dove as a hope appears on the background: "I won't give up my right, I know every heart deserves a fight".

Three backing vocalists stay behind the scenes. One of them is Nicklas Lif - not just a voice, but also one of the composers of the Azerbaijani entry Hour Of The Wolf.

Elnur’s stage performance has no complicated props, excessive effects or extraordinary costumes. The main focus is given to Elnur's clean powerful vocal performance, choreography and spirit of the song, highlighted by smart camera work to preserve the artist's emotion for the viewer.

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Backstage wit Elnur Huseynov

Since his first participation in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Elnur changed a lot: "I got older. In Belgrade I was 20 - 21 years old". Elnur became more experienced and convinced on stage. “But the main difference from the participation in Belgrade is that this year I am a solo singer” - that gives the Azerbaijani artist to show all his vocal abilities to the fullest. It’s an honour to represent Azerbaijan in the 60th Anniversary of the Contest.  

Elnur Huseynov had a very intense promotional tour during two weeks, visiting six countries. The singer said he met a lot of participants and really enjoyed his time during his promotional travelling through Europe. “When I heard that Guy Sebastian will take part from Australia, I thought ‘he is such a big professional‘, but I wish all this year’s participants good luck on stage.”

"Hear me!", that's how Elnur would describe his song Hour Of  The Wolf.

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Elnur’s entry brought together an international team of choreographer, dancers and backing vocalists: "It’s a great pleasure to work with such a talented team from all over the world! We are learning a lot from each other and it’s truly inspiring. I can’t wait to share this spirit with all Eurovision fans,” says Elnur.

Elnur’s stage team consists of two dancers Lukas McFarlane from Canada, the winner of UK’s Got To Dance, and Julia Spiesser from France, directed by choreographer Ambra Succi, experienced in staging Eurovision acts.