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Azerbaijan: Roots meet Swedish pop

23 April 2009 at 17:13 CEST

The decision to create the duet of AySel and Arash was taken by the seven-member jury of the Azerbaijani national final. It was heavily influenced by Arash’s own statements, he said he is not only a songwriter and composer, but also a successful singer, and that is why he would like “to be on the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest stage, and not just on its backstage.” This sincere acknowledgment of the author of Always gave the start to the duet from Azerbaijan.

The popular songwriter and singer makes no secret that he has long been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest. In addition, one of the decisive factors for him was the offer to sing in duet with AySel. “Performing with AySel was important for me, since I wrote Always specifically for her,” said Arash.

Watch their song below.


Eurovision Song Contest is very popular in Azerbaijan according to the female side of the duo, Aysel. She likes it because it's full of many different singers, different songs and every year more and more people get more interested in it. They also revealed the secret behind getting the jury vote and a lot of other things in an exclusive interview to

International star meets a young singer

AySel was born in Baku on 25th of April, 1989 in the family of a University professor. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus, the underpinning of her ambitious, committed, self-confident personality, who loves the atmosphere of competition. AySel is just nineteen, but her ambition coupled with the faith in her talent has already led the young artist to the main stage of the European show business, the Eurovision Song Contest stage, as the representative of Azerbaijan.

Famous singer, author, entertainer and producer Arash was born the 23rd April 1977 in Tehran, Iran. At the age of ten he and his family moved to Sweden. His debut album Arash was released by the Warner Brothers Music in June 2005, after he had finished college. His singles, Boro Boro (Go Away) and Temptation, made it to the hit lists around Europe, and their respective videos garnered significant airplay on more than twenty MTV outlets across the world. In addition he has had hits notably in Eastern European and South-East European charts. He has gone gold in 5 countries: Germany, Russia, Slovenia and Greece for his album, Arash, and in Sweden for Boro Boro.

They will perform twelfth in the second Semi-Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow on the 14th of May. You can read more about them on their Artist Profile.