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Azerbaijan picks dream-team for Safura

04 May 2010 at 16:27 CEST

Safura was selected from two televised selections by a professional jury. First, she became one of the three finalists, then she got herself new songs and it was only the second show when the jury decided she would be their choice. But the surprise was that once again – no song was chosen.

After a couple of weeks now and she travelled around Europe, ending up in the Swedish capital of Stockholm where she was preparing for her big moment in May. Then came the time, when she could be sure which song to prepare for Oslo. It was the fan favourite and also, music professionals have been keen on the chosen Drip Drop.

Now, she's also got help from the renowned choreographer JaQuel Knight and many more music business professionals, especially from Ukraine. Will this be the dream team to guide Azerbaijan to their first victory? What do you think?

Safura has embarked on an intense Eurovision promotional tour that will take her to Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland and Russia. She opened her tour with a bang, sweeping through Germany on 1st through 3rd of May, where she visited Munich, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg and did a variety of promotional activities, including interviews, photo shoots, live appearances and unplugged performances.

The details of Safura’s schedule and performances in Europe in the next few weeks will be published and constantly updated on our website. If you have been to one of Safura’s events in Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine or Sweden, don’t forget to share your emotions with us! You can always check her website for that.

Check also what she's up to in her MyEurovision profile and also her brand new video, below!


Who are they?

Safura started to sing at the age of three. At six she had her first stage performance. And ever since, she has taken part in various competitions. She is the winner of Azerbaijani talent show Yene Ulduz which is the equivalent to Pop Idol. Safura graduated from musical school where she played violin, though she always dreamed about playing saxophone. And if you want something very bad, you go ahead and do it. So now Safura is the only female celebrity in Azerbaijan who can play this tough instrument!

Thanks to her parents Safura started to show an early interest for fashion, too. She displayed her growing talents in fashion design while working on her very first stage outfits which she created with her mother's help.

Safura is a huge fan of the Twilight saga. She read all Stephenie Meyer's books. She is following all the news from the movie set of this modern story of Romeo and Juliet as well as the actors' personal life. She adores Robert Pattison who is playing the handsome vampire Edward. 

She'll perform seventh in the second Semi-Final on the 27th of May in Oslo, Norway.