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Azerbaijan: Orxan Kərimli wins first heat

Posted 3 December 2011 at 14:17

The Azeri national selection is underway and the first heat culminated last night when Orxan Kərimli won the right to perform in the semi-final, chosen my a mixture of jury and televoting.
There are eight groups of nine artists in the selection this year, meaning that 8 artists will qualify directly to the semi-final. The event took place over 5 nights starting on Monday, and ending on Friday with the results show. During the week the candidates perform a variety of different song genres to try and persuade the jury and public to vote for them.
In the semi-final the 8 acts will be reduced to 3 who will compete to represent Azerbaijan at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.
Here are the names of all the artists competing in heat 1 (winner in bold). The next heat will start on Monday the 5th of December:
  1. Ramin Quliyev
  2. Canana Zeynalova
  3. Orxan Mirzəyev
  4. Kənan Qədimov
  5. Anastasiya Bedritskaya
  6. Amil Qocayev
  7. Orxan Kərimli
  8. Elnarə Həsənli
  9. Səmra Rəhimli
Stay tuned to Eurovision.tv for more news on the Azeri national selection as it comes in.
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