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Azerbaijan: National selection continues in earnest

24 January 2013 at 13:58 CET

Azerbaijan has one of the most comprehensive national selections in Europe with qualification rounds spanning five days a week for eight weeks with a final consisting of eight qualifiers at the end.

A total of 79 artists are involved in the competition this year and already four of the eight qualifiers have been chosen with four more yet to qualify. So far the following acts are in the final:

  • Vugar Muradov
  • Ravana Aliyeva
  • Farah Hadiyeva
  • Leyla Aliyeva

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How it works

Each qualification round spans five days and each of the competitors performs a different song on each day.

On Monday they will perform Eurovision hits, then Azerbaijani music on Tuesday, world hits on Wednesday and show off their stage skills on Thursday. On the Friday the candidates can perform a song of their own choice followed by repeating one of the songs they had performed previously in the week. The winner of the heat is then announced.

This year in Malmö, Azerbaijan will perform in the first half of the second Semi-Final on the 16th of May. Last year on home turf in Baku, Sabina Babayeva came an impressive fourth with the song When The Music Dies.