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Azerbaijan: It's all about powerful voice and aerial act

28 April 2014 at 17:00 CEST

Dilara's strong voice and impressive dance of aerial artist

On the stage Dilara worked with an aerial artist and three backing vocalists on the background. The female aerial artist is acting on 8-meter-high acrobatic trapeze.

Previous Eurovision entries haven't used or worked with aerial acts So it was a real challenge for the Azerbaijani creative team to find the perfect solutions for cameras and rigging. Instead of usual rigging on two points, this one is rigged to one point on stage roof, so it can spin 360 degrees.

The roofs of skyscrapers, frescos and crystals have been displayed on the LEDs changing their colours from dark blue to red.

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Konstantin Hudov, the Head of Press, told us that Dilara's song performance is staged by Asa Engman, Swedish director and dancer, in cooperation with Polish-Japanese choreographer Piotr Torazawa Giro.

According to the stage director’s idea the aerial artist stands for an imaginary "point of view" from which you can find a new meaning in ordinary life scenes" or, in another way, can also represent “the spiritual concept of a soul."

Meeting Dilara backstage

Dilara arrived to the B&W Hallerne very relaxed and in a good mood. had a nice talk with the Azerbaijani singer where she told us about her expectations about the stage and and her promo tours in the last weeks. Dilara will also come to the Euroclub tonight!

After Dilara's arrival in the B&W Hallerne, the singer was chatting with her fans and took some photos in front of her dressing room. Dilara has already managed to make friends with the Tolmachevy sisters, the Russian participants.

Talking to, Dilara seemed very comfortable and confident. She told us that the Eurovision mood hasn't left her in the last ten days, which she has spent touring throughout Europe. Dilara came to Copenhagen directly from Malta: “I enjoyed my promotional tour very much. Malta was the last country with lovely people and great weather!” 

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"I haven’t seen the stage yet, but I expect that it will be huge", Dilara said. It’s still a secret which dress Dilara will wear in the First Semi-Final, "… but I won’t be alone on stage," the singer smiled charmingly and was very excited.