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Azerbaijan is the Land Of Fire tonight

02 February 2008 at 16:24 CET

Each participant sings two songs. One song featured as promotional song in an earlier stage of the Azerbaijani search for a Eurovision Song Contest representative. However, tonight's winner will most likely present another song should this be considered necessary. Tonight's event is focussed on the selection of the performer. 

Who are taking part? 

Participant: Unformal

  • Lalala (Farida Jafarova, Dilara Kazimova)
  • Little Muse (Farida Jafarova, Igor Garanin, Torgul Manafov) 

Participant: Aynur

  • Swear That You Will Stay (Ilham Abdullayev, Zahra Badalbeyli)
  • Rhythm Of Fire (Mikhail Nekrasov, Zahra Badalbeyli) 

Participant: Elnur

  • If You’re Never Back (Isa Melikov, Polina Melikova, Zahra Badalbeyli)
  • Day After Day (Govehr Hasanzadeh, Zahra Badalbeyli)

Guest stars

Sertab, winner of the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest for Turkey with Everyway That I Can, 2004 winner Ruslana from Ukraine and last year's winner Marija Šerifović will perform during Land Of Fire.

For more information and background details on the show, read our previously published article; Azerbaijan: Large-scale production in final stage.

Where to watch? 

The show will be broadcast live through's esctv between 17:30 and 19:45 CET. From 19:45 to 20:30 CET, the winner's press conference will also be streamed live on esctv. Bjørn Erichsen, Director of Eurovision TV, as well as the three former Eurovision Song Contest stars, will join the winner during the press conference. Through, you can take part in the press conference by launching your questions online.

The show will be aired live in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Lithuania, and on to a worldwide audience.