AySel & Arash: unexpected guest at the rehearsal!

In their rehearsal today, he and attractive AySel were especially honoured as Russia's prime minister Vladimir Putin came to join them on stage and shook hands with the Azerbaijani duo. During the visit of the primie minister, the Azerbaijani was interrupted for a short wile, but started again with full force afterwards. AySel & Arash didn't wear their final clothes today, both were in jeans. The predominant colours were still red and yellow, and on the LED screens, vulcanoes were still erupting: Lots of fire and pyros were also used in the foreground, and the performances got loud applause from the present media and fans.

The Azerbaijani delegation revealed that AySel's dress will be in white, gold and silver and that the whole costume is skillfully decorated with white and black Swarovski crystals. It was created by the known Swedish designer Lars Wallin.

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