Aysel & Arash reveal secret to get jury vote

Eurovision Song Contest is very popular in Azerbaijan according to the female side of the duo, Aysel. She likes it because it's full of many different singers, different songs and every year more and more people get more interested in it. "It's about having fun," she said to Eurovision.tv.

When trying to remember her best moments in her life then she recalls being to USA, being named the Azerbaijani participant and... best things lie in the future as she put it. Winning the Eurovision Song Contest? "Yes!" she answered in laughter.

Secret to winning the jury vote

Arash also revealed how to win the top points from the juries which will be used in the Final this year, together with televoting. "If you're yourself on stage and enjoy it and try to give out love to people then the jury will like it. That's what we're trying to do," he explained.

In the interview you can also see who beats up the other one in a 'sumo match', what are they doing in Stockholm and who do they think will do very well this year! Watch it below.


Aysel and Arash will take the stage in the second Semi-Final of this year's Europe's favourite TV-show performing their song Always.

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