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Axel Hirsoux wins the Belgian ticket to Copenhagen!

Posted 16 March 2014 at 21:44

Tonight, at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, the Grand Final of the Belgian national selection, Eurosong 2014, took place where 6 acts competed for the right to represent Belgium at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in May.
There could, however, only be one winner and this was Axel Hirsoux with the song Mother after impressing the viewers and juries with a great performance.
Each of the acts went through a long and exciting journey to get to tonight's show, starting will casting rounds and culminating in this spectacular Grand Final while listening to the valorations of the professional jury made up by 2004 Eurovision winner Ruslana from Ukraine and local experts Bart Peeters, Piet Goddaer and Jef Martens.

The Acts

These are the six acts that qualified for the final of Eurosong 2014, which tonight took place at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp:
  1. Yass - Need You Tonight
  2. SIL - What's The Time In Tokyo
  3. Udo - Hero (In Flanders Fields)
  4. Bandits - One
  5. Eva Jacobs - Nothing Is Impossible
  6. Axel Hirsoux - Mother

The voting

Tonight the result was made up of votes split 50:50 between the televote and 7 international juries from Azerbaijan, Denmark, Ireland, F.Y.R. Macedonia, The Netherlands, Spain and Belarus. After they casted their votes this was the result:
  1. Axel Hirsoux 74
  2. Yass 58
  3. Eva Jacobs 52
  4. Bandits 42
  5. Sil 32
  6. Udo 22
The expert panel was present during tonight's show but only in an advisory capacity, unlike in previous shows, but they could mention their one favourite and they all agreed in naming Axel Hirsoux as their favourite.
The juries and public had the same total of 280 points each to give out. This is how the televote was spread:
  1. Axel Hirsoux 160
  2. Bandits 48
  3. Eva Jacobs 37
  4. Yass 19
  5. Udo 10
  6. Sil 6
Making the final score look like this:
  1. Axel Hirsoux 234
  2. Bandits 90
  3. Eva Jacobs 89
  4. Yass 77
  5. Sil 38
  6. Udo 32

Watch again

If you missed tonight's show or simply want to watch it again, you can visit our WebTV whenever you like to see Eurosong 2014 and many other shows on-demand.

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Belgium will participate in the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place at the B&W-Hallerne on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen on the 6th of May.
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