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Hungarian metal meets Portuguese wine: AWS in Óbidos for postcard

27 March 2018 at 07:00 CEST
Hungarian 2018 Eurovision Song Contest participant AWS visited the Portuguese town of Óbidos to record their postcard video. RTP
Hungary's 2018 Eurovision Song Contest entry AWS concluded on the recording of their postcard video, which took place in the picturesque coastal town of Óbidos in Portugal. The team behind Portugal's official national Eurovision website spoke with the band to find out what happens when Hungarian metal meets Portuguese wine.

The town of Óbidos is one of the most picturesque and well-preserved medival towns in Portugal. Located on high grounds near the Atlantic coast, Óbidos played a strategic role in Portugal's history. And while in Óbidos anyway, AWS didn't have to think twice to attend the annual Festival of Chocolate.

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For those who are less familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest; the postcards are the short videos in between the songs. Ever since the early days of the contest, the postcards have been used to allow the national commentators of the show to introduce the next act, while the producers of the show can prepare the stage for the next performance. All in less than 40 seconds! The postcards have traditionally also been used to show what the host country has to offer.

This year, the organisers invited all contestants to come to Portugal ahead of the contest. From Portugal's mainland, all the way to the Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean — every corner of Portugal has been paid a visit by one of this year's contestants. 

While we want to keep the details of Hungary's postcard, or any postcard for that matter, a surprise, we did ask the band how they look back upon the experience.

Cracking jokes

"We shot our postcard in Óbidos, for which were lucky, because it is said to be the right place to try Ginja liquor. The crew also had a surprise for us: They took us to see the Portuguese metal band Moonspell. The show was at a seated concert hall, but of course the crowd couldn’t remain seated after the first song. The crew members were our age, so we immediately understood each other and started cracking jokes. Portuguese people seem to have a great sense of humor," they said.

The band also enjoyed numerous delights from the Portuguese kitchen, including the Francesinha sandwich, fresh seafood and wine.

AWS won the final of the Hungarian national selection A Dal 2018 with sweeping support from the Hungarian metal community. They will perform Viszlát Nyár in the second Semi-Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest on the 10th of May.