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Austria vs. Ireland - Kelly vs. Dolan!

13 May 2013 at 22:47 CEST

The Irish representative, Ryan Dolan, and the singer from Austria, Natália Kelly, got to know each other already way before the rehearsals in Malmö: They became friends in Amsterdam, where they met for Eurovision in Concert.

Now they were more than happy to spend some time and have fun together again, and so they spontaneously agreed to play a Gaelic Football match. It's a mixture of football (soccer) and rugby, and surprisingly it was the Austrian singer who took home victory!

Natália Kelly was enjoying the experience: "First I was sceptical but then it turned out to be fun - and I even scored a goal. Ryan and I already met before, in Amsterdam, and we've got along really well since the beginning."

Ryan Dolan was also in good mood after the match: "The time in Malmö is stressful for all of us and moments like this are a welcome distraction. I was happy to see Natália again, and I enjoyed our match." thanks ORF for sharing their footage, and we wish both Natália and Ryan the best of luck in their "rematch", the First Semi-Final, tomorrow at 21:00 CET!