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Austria: Six finalists chosen

20 February 2015 at 23:03 CET

In an exciting show hosted by Mirjam Weichselbraun, the following six finalists have been chosen by an expert jury out of a total of sixteen acts taking part tonight:

  • Celina Ann
  • Dawa
  • Folkshilfe
  • Johann Sebastian Bass
  • The Makemakes
  • Zoe

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The Line-Up

This is the full running order of tonight's acts and the songs they presented (qualifiers in bold):

  1. The Makemakes: Million Euro Smile
  2. Clara Blume: Love & Starve
  3. Royal Kombo: Ram pam pam
  4. Dawa: On the Run
  5. Zoe: Adieu
  6. Renato Unterberg: Love
  7. The Su’sis: This and That
  8. Lemo: So leicht
  9. Mizgebonez: Murmeltier/Fitnesstraining (Medley)
  10. Kathi Kallauch: Das Leben ist zu kurz
  11. Folkshilfe: Seit a poa Tog
  12. Kommando Elefant: Mein Design fürs Leben
  13. Tandem: Zeig ihn mir
  14. Celine Ann: I Never Loved a Man by Aretha Franklin
  15. wo/Men: Happy by Pharrell Williams
  16. Johann Sebastian Bass: Heart of Stone

What's Next?

In the second and third show, the remaining acts will be subject to different challenges, in which they can prove their performing qualities with the help of three coaches: Anna F., Nazar, and The BossHoss.

Together with an international songwriting team, each of the six acts will prepare two potential Eurovision songs. Part of the team are Julie Frost (composer of Lena's winning song Satellite in 2010), Jimmy Harry (who already produced hits for Bruno Mars, Pink, and Madonna), and several creative artists from Austria including Lukas Hillebrand and Wolfgang Schlögel (aka I-Wolf das Projekt).

While the first three shows have been pre-recorded, the final on March 13th will be broadcast live, and it will be the joint decision of the TV public and the jury which act and which song will represent Austria on home ground.

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