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Austria: Shining diamonds and a glittering podium

Posted 6 May 2011 at 15:29

When Eurovision.tv met Nadine backstage, she wore very high heels on stage. She showed them off before rehearsing. "I love them! For being that high, they are comfortable," she said.
At this stage only small adjustments were made. One of them concerns the sender for the microphone. "We were thinking about how we should put in the dress so that I don't get fat," Nadine laughed.
She also spoke about the Austrian presence in the Eurovision Song Contest. Not only is the country back in the competition, also the Croatian singer Daria lives in Vienna. "I met her and she told me that she is from Austria, and the Bulgarian song is from an Austrian producer and songwriter, so Austria is really back in the Contest," Nadine said.
In today's second rehearsal of the Austrian delegation, Nadine wore again a short black dress with glittering gemstones attached - she confirmed that she will wear the same dress on the Semi-Final night.
The camera shots used in her performance featured many close-ups of Nadine, but also shots from above the stage to show the glittering podium on which she performed and a revolving star on the floor LEDs.
The main colour of the stage light scenery was blue, with flying diamonds being pictured on the background LEDs and smoke effects being applied on the stage floor.
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The Head of the Austrian Delegation opened the press conference by introducing the team. Concerning changes in today's second rehearsal, Nadine said: "We tried out the fog effect for the first time today, and we will keep it for the Semi-Final performance."
About her daily routine in Düsseldorf, she explained: "I have to drink a beer at the bar tonight to get some more sleep. Apart from that, l go to the gym, practise singing - that's all."
When she was asked about her relations to Stefan Raab, Nadine sang a funny German song together with her backing vocalists and showed a present that they had prepared for him: Traditional leather trousers. She jokingly added: "Now he has his outfit for the Eurovision Final."
The press conference host asked Nadine if she was nervous on stage during the solo accappella beginning of The Secret Is Love, and she replied: "Not really. In the rehearsals it didn't always sound very clear, but I'm sure that I will manage well in the actual live show."
The Austrian team finished their second press conference by performing an accappella version of the Croatian Eurovision Song Contest entry from 1999, Maria Magdalena, as well as of their own entry.
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