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The Makemakes represented host country Austria in Vienna in 2015
The Makemakes represented host country Austria in Vienna in 2015
Photo: EBU

Austria's Dodo "is a hat guy"

The Makemakes did not just come together for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, but have been performing with each other as a band for already a while. In Vienna, the artists will perform a pop song I Am Yours. Their performance is about friends who support and help each other "anytime, anyplace". Their group name The Makemakes is derived from the dwarf planet Makemake, which in turn owes its name to the creating deity Makemake in the culture of the Easter island.

Three artists, three different instruments, three friends - one band

The stage in the beginning of the Austrian entry is underexposed, and only Dodo’s voice come out of this dark and desaturated atmosphere: "Anytime, anyplace I am yours". It is a voice of a friend. Dodo's voice becomes stronger and more powerful with sharp white impulsing light beams.

The peak of their entry is the moment when the piano starts burning. The fire rain is also coming down, and the floor is imaginary burning. The musicians come together on stage, and like real friends they go together through the fire, metaphorically good and bad times.

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Backstage with The Makemakes

In between the Eurovision Song Contest, The Makemakes are touring through the Southeastern Europe with their debut album The Makemakes: "Our album is a rock album, but we also have some blues songs and really fast forward songs. It is fun to listen to it," Dodo said.

The band has experienced different audience during their promotional tour and during their Eurovision concerts, and enjoyed both: "The audience in the Eurovision concerts is different, but it is so fun to perform in front of those nice people, although we are not that typical Song Contest act at all," the vocalist Dodo said.

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Their song I Am Yours is written by Jimmy Harry and The Makemakes: "Our cooperation was great. He is a brilliant guy; we had so much fun producing the entry. We wrote five songs, and chose two of them to produce them in Los Angeles," Dodo said.

A black hat has already become Dodo’s trademark. But it is not his lucky charm. "I like hats", said the vocalist. "Yeah, he is a hat guy!" confirmed his companion Max.

"We guess that the secret behind our success is that we are "real" rock band. We do music that we truly love,” said The Makemakes.