Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent Bueno
Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent Bueno Photo: ORF/ Thomas Ramstorfer

'Alive' is Vincent Bueno’s song for Eurovision 2020

With his self-penned song R&B and funk song ‘Alive’, Vincent Bueno will represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. He will perform the song in the first half of the second Semi-Final on 14 May with the hope of qualifying for the Grand Final on 16 May.

Austrian public broadcaster ORF has premiered Vincent’s track during the radio show Ö3-Wecker on Thursday 5 March.

The music video for Alive was produced by ATTIC Film on behalf of ORF-Enterprise Musikverlag in Vienna. ORF program director Mag. Kathrin Zechner expressed her excitement for their choice: “With his incredible energy Vincent Bueno is an artist who knows how to get the audience moving like no other. He has a big heart and an honest appreciation for the people around him. This makes him not only a full professional on stage but above all an authentic performer; he is simply "Alive". Vincent emits the message of his song with every fibre of his being."

Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent BuenoORF/ Thomas Ramstorfer

What is the song about?

Alive tells the story of becoming alive through liberation from one's own ego. Listeners are drawn to action as they experience the change of the song, both in terms of content and music, until in the end where only one statement remains: "Alive again".

Vincent on developing his participating song: “The song itself has undergone massive evolution and got a good push in the final sprint. I worked with very young producers and composers (David, Davey 'Yang, Felix van Göns, Artur Aigner), who will definitely be involved in the Austrian music scene in the future. While the song was being created, everyone on the team was able to experience how much the song was evolving, especially when everyone freed themselves from their own egos and opened up to each other.”

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be broadcast live on ORF1. Channel Manager Lisa Totzauer said: "In 2020, music will be a central focal point in the program of ORF 1. In addition to 50 years of Austropop and 20 years of Amadeus, the world's largest music event is always a fixed point in ORF 1. Music connects and creates identity - that's why I am pleased that we can give the Austrian musician and our candidate Vincent Bueno an even bigger stage through our broadcast."

Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent BuenoORF/ Thomas Ramstorfer

Stay tuned for the premiere of Alive, on Thursday 5 March!


Posted 12 December 2019 at 07:50 CET

Vincent Bueno will sing for Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The 34-year-old Vincent from Vienna will perform the up-tempo song ‘Alive' in May in Rotterdam. Austrian broadcaster ORF will reveal his participating song in March 2020.

Vincent on his participation

Vincent: "Wow, even thinking about the fact that I am going to participate in the song contest gives me goosebumps. The Eurovision Song Contest is like the Eurocup for musicians and singers. The huge stage, all those artists doing their absolute best, all the songwriters and producers of Europe gathering in one place to celebrate their work while at the same time stepping into the ring – it is breathtaking and formidable. Let’s go Austria!"

What is Alive about?

Austrian broadcaster ORF shared the following clues that reveal what Vincent and his song 'Alive' will be all about in the form of personal hashtags:


"I love to laugh. I’m a motivated guy. ‘Troubleshooting’ is my personal motto! I love my family above all, have a deep faith and both give me strength in my life. I love music, I love people. I’m very sensitive, which can sometimes be a disadvantage – ‘open-hearted’."

Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent BuenoORF/ Thomas Ramstorfer


"From the moment I let go of the fast-paced confirmation of social media and its pressures to be something specific, I reconnected with my identity. That makes me feel alive."

Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent BuenoORF/ Thomas Ramstorfer


"My happiness comes from deep within. It is something that no fame or money in this world could ever give me. I would like to use this energy purposefully."

Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent BuenoORF/ Thomas Ramstorfer


"All of us fight our own egos. An ego is like a high wall. If you break it down you realize how much easier and freer life can be."

Austrian Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent BuenoORF/ Thomas Ramstorfer


"Each and every one of us has the DNA of a hero or a heroine."

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