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This is what PÆNDA's 'Limits' for Eurovision 2019 sounds like

08 March 2019 at 11:00 CET
PAENDA banner ORF / Thomas Ramstorfer
Austrian singer-songwriter and producer PÆNDA has released her ballad 'Limits' today with an accompanying music video. The song is part of her new album 'Evolution II' that will be out on 26 April.

Limits tells the story of how PÆNDA pushed beyond all limits in her zeal and passion for music – to the point of full exhaustion. She explains: "Being aware of the moments where I needed a break was a process for me. It was a long and at times difficult road to learning my own limits." The song expresses the musician's vulnerability and at the same time conveys the message that it is important to believe in oneself in order to find one's own way. The highest premise: no limits.

PÆNDA's musical style is a mix of electronic, hip-hop, pop and techno that manages to never fall into pretentiousness or cliché. The native Styrian started her music project in 2016 and has since been experimenting meticulously with her unique sounds. PÆNDA is building bridges by connecting the worlds of underground and mainstream music. Her singles Waves or Good Girl are good examples for her inclination towards blending a subtle form of avant-garde with the fleet-footedness of pop. She elaborates: "My sister is a good indicator: If she doesn’t sing or hum the hook line right after I played her a new song, I know that the melody isn’t powerful enough."


At the age of 14, PÆNDA wrote her first songs, while also learning how to play the guitar and piano in order to implement them musically. When it became clear that music was not just a passionate hobby for her, she moved to Vienna to study jazz. Several music projects followed, until she launched her project PÆNDA in 2015. Read more..

Austria in Eurovision

Austria debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and won for the first time in 1966 with the late great Udo Jürgens’ Merci, Chérie. Since then, the country failed to reach the top five until Conchita Wurst won the hearts of Europe to claim Austria’s second victory with Rise Like a Phoenix in 2014. Austria has qualified from their Semi-Final for the last five consecutive years and finished in third place in Lisbon last year with Cesár Sampson’s Nobody But You which also won the jury vote.

Do you think PÆNDA will qualify for the Grand Final with Limits? Let us know in the comments!