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Austria: National final songs chosen

06 March 2015 at 23:12 CET

Which song will represent Austria in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest? We got one step closer to answering this question in tonight's show of Wer singt für Österreich, which was hosted by Mirjam Weichselbraun.

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Celina Ann, DAWA, Folkshilfe, Johann Sebastian Bass, The Makemakes and Zoe are still in the running to represent Austria on home ground this May, and today they each presented two potential national final songs. 

The Songs

The following songs have been peformed tonight:


Chosen Song

Eliminated Song

The Makemakes

I Am Yours

Big Bang

Celina Ann


When I Fall


Feel Alive

If You Return


Who You Are

Ned au

Johann Sebastian Bass




Quel Filou

My Heart Still Beats

Each act had the opportunity to collaborate with international songwriters and producers to come up with two songs. In the end of tonight's show, the coaches - Anna F., Nazar, and The Boss Hoss - picked one respective song for each act to compete in the final.

What's Next?

In one week from now, on Friday March 13, it's decision time - at 20:15 CET, we will find out who is the winner in what ORF promises to become an exciting live show!