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Austria: Nadine Beiler grabs the Eurovision Song Contest ticket

25 February 2011 at 23:57 CET

The final of Düsseldorf, Wir Kommen tonight consisted of two phases: first, the televoters decided about the top three of the ten songs on offer while in the second round the winner was ultimately chosen.

One of the participants was Joe Sumner - the son of Sting who shot to fame with The Police. Before the contest he said that he hoped to change the image of Eurovision,  stating "In England we know the contest as a supplier of the worst  music ever and a big joke, but with Klimmstein we can change that."

The final was presented by Mirjam Weichselbraun, Robert Kratky and Andi Knoll.

The finalists

The participants in the first round of voting were the following:

  • Band WG - 10 Sekunden Glück
  • Leo Aberer & Patricia Kaiser - There Will Never Be Another You
  • Oliver Wimmer - Let Love Kick In
  • Alkbottle - Wir san do ned zum Spaß
  • Eva K. Anderson - I Will Be Here
  • Trackshittaz - Oida Taunz!
  • Charlee - Good To Be Bad
  • Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner - Paris, Paris
  • Nadine Beiler - The Secret Is Love
  • Richard Klein - Bigger, Better, Best

In the second round of voting, these three qualified for the superfinal:

  • Trackshittaz - Oida Taunz! 2nd
  • Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner - Paris, Paris 3rd
  • Nadine Beiler - The Secret Is Love 1st

Austria's history in the contest

Austria has won the Eurovision Song Contest just once in 1966 when Udo Jürgens triumphed in Luxembourg with Merci Chérie which went on to be a megaseller in a lot of countries. Since then, the Austrian top ten placings have been scarce - the last time the Alpine country reached the lucky ten was in 2003 when Alf Poier reached a surprising sixth place with Weil Der Mensch Zählt.

If you want to watch the Austrian final in its entirety over and over again, you can do so in our WebTV player.