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Austria: LUM!X and Pia Maria will take ‘Halo’ to Eurovision 🇦🇹

08 February 2022 at 08:00 CET
LUM!X feat. Pia Maria ORF
Broadcaster ORF has revealed superstar DJ LUM!X and sensational vocalist Pia Maria as Austria’s participants for the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. They will compete in the First Semi-Final on Tuesday May 10.

LUM!X is still polishing his ‘Halo’ so we won’t hear the entry until March, but eager fans already have a huge back catalogue to enjoy: LUM!X recently passed 700 million streams and has several gold and platinum records to his name.

LUM!X feat. Pia Maria ORF

The DJ born Luca Michlmayr began producing music at the age of 11, and is currently one of Austria’s most successful artists.

The son of an Italian mother, he used to live in the host city of Turin, and so the Eurovision Song Contest represents a true highlight for the young artist:

‘We already saw last year that diversity can be quite a plus at the Eurovision Song Contest, so I believe Austria definitely ticks the box by sending two teenagers to compete. At our age, there is far less pressure on us, because even if something goes wrong, other perspectives will open up.

Therefore, we are much freer and we can better focus on what we actually want and do not want to bring across as a message. I have always been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s simply the biggest thing you can stage in Europe, and I absolutely want to take part in it. Of course it’s a challenge, but we will work together as a duo and support and push each other.’

Eighteen year old singer/songwriter Pia Maria from Tyrol, who features on the track, contemplates what she’ll bring to the Contest:

‘I am true to myself – I like to be funny, to cheer people up, and have a good laugh with them. I want to show others that there is so much you can do, and you don’t always have to strictly follow a line.

I have always watched the Song Contest, and I think the ESC is a totally cool event. Our aim is to bring a bit of a new dash to it and encourage our generation: 'Seize the opportunity and make something out of it!'

Earlier this year, Warner Music Austria presented LUM!X with a double platinum award for his hit singles Monster, a platinum award for The Passenger (LaLALa), and a gold award for the track Thunder.

📺 Watch: LUM!X / Gaby Ponte – Monster

Warner Music General Manager for Austria, Franz Pleterski, is also very happy with the pick:

'ORF’s decision to send LUM!X feat. Pia Maria to the 2022 Contest in Italy was spot-on. I am very happy that these two wonderful artists from Austria will be rocking the stage.

LUM!X has achieved huge success at such a young age, and has already been awarded gold and platinum for his work! Kudos! I am keeping my fingers crossed for them, and I wish the entire ESC team around LUM!X and Pia Maria a wonderful collaboration in the coming weeks and months and, of course, a lot of fun!’

We’re looking forward to hearing what they have to offer!

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