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Austria found its 10 finalists

30 songs were available to vote on, but only 10 could make the final cut. Thousands of people chose their favourite song and voted for it on ORF's homepage, but their votes counted only for 50% of the vote, the other 50% came from a specially formed jury. This jury had already voted before the internet vote started, but its results were kept secret.

The 10 finalists are the following:

  • Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner - Paris, Paris
  • Nadine Beiler - The Secret Is Love
  • Richard Klein - Bigger, Better Best
  • Trackshittaz/Lukas Plöchl - Oida Taunz!
  • Leo Aberer & Patricia Kaiser - There Will Never Be Another You
  • Alkbottle - Wir san do ned zum Spaß
  • Eva K. Anderson - I Will Be Here
  • Band WG - 10 Sekunden Glück
  • Oliver Wimmer - Let Love Kick In
  • Charlee - Good To Be Bad

The decision on who will represent Austria will take place in a televised show on the 25th of February. Only televote will prevail then.

Austria has participated in 2007 for the last time with Eric Papilaya's Get A Life - Get Alive but for 2011, the Austrian broadcaster ORF has decided to return to the contest in neighbouring Germany.


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