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Austria's Nathan over the moon

02 May 2017 at 12:48 CEST
Austria's rehearsal Andres Putting
Nathan Trent will represent Austria with the song Running On Air and today he rehearsed for the first time at Kyiv’s International Exhibition Centre.

Nathan grew up in a bilingual household, speaking both German and Italian. He started making music at the age of three when he took his first piano lessons. Read more about him in his participant profile.

Conchita’s expert advice   

Nathan met Austria’s most recent Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst in London just last month. The Eurovision legend passed on her pearls of wisdom to the young hopeful: "She told me to enjoy the experience, just have fun and that’s what I’m going to do. I have my team with me so it’s great."

The singer was in good spirits as he arrived for his first rehearsal. He posted a photo on his Instagram account prior to taking to the stage, showing the station where each performer gets wired up to their in-ear monitors.

Nathan has been touring extensively promoting his song over the past few months. "I’m so excited to see everyone again but I also want to see the participants that I haven’t met yet," he said.    

Wings of song   

The Austrian singer brought his wings to the venue… attached to his shoes. "I’m not sure if these will be my actual shoes on the night. I just want to see what it looks like on the stage. The wings came with the shoes, I think they’re cool!"

During his first rehearsal, Nathan’s microphone pack became detached from his costume but being the professional he is, he carried on regardless. "Somehow the show must go on," he said with a smile. "I was very nervous but I need to get used to the cameras. I came up with the stage concept of the moon, I wanted to be the man on the moon."

Austria's second rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, 5th of May, and they will take part in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 11th of May.